Olympic hopeful to multi location business owner

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Donovan Rider was a national level Taekwondo competitor who made an ambitious decision at age 17. After earning the credit he needed to graduate, he left high school to join the U.S. Army. There he was a member of the prestigious World Class Athlete Program. His military duty was to train and compete at the highest level, with the goal of representing the Army at the Olympics. After a great deal of success both nationally and internationally, Donovan saw his hopes dashed by a career ending injury in the ring at the 2012 Olympic team trials. And yet… that is where his story BEGINS. Donovan applied the focus, intensity and resilience he had gained from being a top fighter into fighting his way up the business ladder. He currently operates six martial arts school/ after school programs, and is poised to open dozens more. In this inspiring interview
Donovan shares:
  • The power of reflection and the moment that everything changes when you realize you are living a life incongruent with your vision of yourself
  • What it was like to start up a new business with only 10k in a brand new city with no business contacts
  • The biggest mistakes elite performers make when identifying and training staff
  • How personal development leads to business development, and why Donovan continues to invest 100K annually on a business coach
  • The “time blocks” that this ambitious entrepreneur, devoted husband and loving father uses to see continued growth in all areas of his life
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