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This week on the Balanced Warrior Podcast, we have Erin Hartnett, the Director of Development for the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation. Balanced Warrior Mike Mertens and his martial arts organization, World Class Tae Kwon Do, have supported the Children’s Hospital for many years and raised a whopping 1.3 Million Dollars to help children in the Greater Buffalo area.  Balanced Warriors believe that we are measured by what we give, not by what we have in life, and Erin is built from the same mold.  She left a career in academia and politics after she asked herself, “What could I do to make a greater impact in the Buffalo community?”  She works tirelessly to raise funds by inspiring people to donate so that the hospital can meet the medical needs of children and mothers throughout New York State. She shares her personal story and how when Covid happened, she decided she needed to do something in life with more meaning.  This turning point caused her to pivot and seek out a position at a non-profit. This is a great listen to learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of charity work and how there is no greater gift than the gift of giving.  Some key takeaways to look for are…

    1. In life, we are measured by what we give, not by what we have.
    2. Charity is the greatest gift and should be educated by teachers and parents.
    3. A career that can impact those in need is worth its weight in gold.
    4. When you question what you do, take the time to look at the impact that you are making, and that will keep you inspired.
    5. Give without memory, and receive without forgetting.

For more information about The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation, or if you would like to donate, please visit FOROCH.ORG, and know that any contribution you make will enrich the lives of children and mothers in need.

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