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Creative Instincts - The Keys To Productivity

Kolbe Corp's unique approach to improving productivity and performance is based on a solid foundation of research and practical application with a proven track record of more than 40 years. Focusing on people's innate problem-solving instincts sets the Kolbe System apart, and it meets the standards of the American Psychological Association for validity and reliability as well as race, gender and age neutrality.

Assessments have historically focused on measuring the cognitive (IQ) and the affective (personality) parts of the mind. While this can be helpful in selecting, training and managing people, they only offer a partial picture of a person's full potential. IQ scores are influenced by opportunities to learn, and being smart doesn't necessarily predict success. Personality traits are situational, and people who seem agreeable don't always do a job successfully or accomplish team goals.

What’s missing? The third part of the mind.

Understanding how instincts combine with intelligence and personality will help you create and maintain a less stressful work environment with employees who are more satisfied and productive:

  • Identify the talent you have on board and the instinctive strengths they bring to the table
  • Lead team members to achieve greater productivity and efficiency
  • Hire More Effectively

Kolbe Indexes

Identify & Leverage Instinctive Strengths

Kolbe Corp's proprietary research has shown that our natural creative instincts shape how we accomplish tasks and solve problems in four distinctive behavior patterns, or Action Modes:

  • Fact Finder - Ways of gathering and sharing information
  • Follow Thru - Ways of organizing
  • Quick Start - Ways of dealing with risk and uncertainty
  • Implementor - Ways of handling space and tangibles

The first step in the Kolbe System is to determine the instinctive traits within an organization. This is done with the Kolbe A™ Index. The four-number Index result identifies an individual's natural tendencies in each Action Mode and determines his or her modus operandi or MO. The numerical values indicate how a person uses their instincts to prevent problems, respond to opportunities and initiate solutions.

The Kolbe A™ Index

Measures and validates a person's natural talents - the instinctive method of operation (MO) that enables you to be your best.

The Kolbe B™ Index

Identifies a person’s job-related conative self-expectations.

The Kolbe C™ Index

Identifies the characteristics a supervisor requires for success in a specific job.

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