Life’s an Adventure…So Live It!

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In this episode on the Balanced Warrior Podcast, we are wrapping up the April 2023 theme of Happiness and fun with the owner of Embark Exploration Co., Donovan Pacholl.  Donovan started Embark Exploration because he loved adventure and travel, and he combined the two to form his very successful adventure travel company.  They have facilitated countless trips worldwide and brought people to accomplish mountains and treks they never believed they could.  He has helped charitable organizations such as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and countless others raise money and climb Kilimanjaro in Africa, Everest Base Camp in Nepal, Cotopaxi in Ecuador, and more.  Balanced Warrior Coach Chris had the opportunity to spend three weeks with Donovan climbing Aconcagua earlier this year.  Donovan drops numerous value bombs in this episode and refers to various sources; one is the book MicroAdventures by Alastair Humphries, which allows people to get a sense of adventure without traveling the world.  Donovan shares his fantastic adventure stories, how he started and conceptualized Embark Exploration, and what inspires him to grow and take more people out of their comfort zone and climb the world’s highest peaks and remote places.

Some notable takeaways…

  • Adventure Travel allows you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • There is beauty all over the world waiting to be explored.
  • It is possible to do what you love as a business.
  • What Type 2 Fun is and how it helps you grow.
  • Suffering is a good thing and part of any adventure.
  • You don’t need to travel the world to experience adventure.
  • You, too, can climb Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro.

You can learn more about Embark Exploration at, where you can all choose from an array of adventures.  Embark hosts a podcast called, Type2Fun,, which is highly recommended.  And you can find Donovan Pacholl and Embark Exploration on all social media channels.  Of course, this is the place to go if you are looking for adventure travel!

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