The Key to Happiness…an Interview with Grandmaster Byung Min Kim

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This week, we have a most memorable episode of the Balanced Warrior Podcast as Paul and Chris had the distinct honor and opportunity to interview their Taekwondo and spiritual Grandmaster, Grandmaster Byung Min Kim.  Grandmaster Kim is one of the most influential Taekwondo Grandmasters in the world, from being a Middle and Heavy Weight Korean National Champion in his youth to owning and operating multiple successful Taekwondo Schools in New York and New Jersey. He has performed on National television in ABC’s Wide World of Sports and has impacted thousands of lives. Even more impressive is his unrelenting commitment to his personal training and spiritual journey to reach enlightenment.  His discipline is second to none, and he retired from Taekwondo to advance his training.  Grandmaster Kim possesses a great deal of wisdom and knowledge that only one who has spent thousands of hours in meditation could have.  We are excited to share a piece of that wisdom with all of you!    Paul and I sat with Grandmaster Kim in his backyard, having tea in a beautiful setting on a warm day in Loma Linda, California, where he shared how we could all live happier lives.  Please grab a pen and paper, or use your phone for notes and capture the wisdom of a Great Grandmaster with years of experience and training.

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