How to See the Forest Through the Trees

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This week on the Balanced Warrior Podcast, coaches Mike Mertens and Chris Berlow share tips and strategies to achieve your goals regardless of the obstacles.

In the spirit of the spring season, we know this is a great time to initiate growth in our personal and professional lives.

There is a vibrant energy that inspires us to do and be more.

However, what happens when there is an obstacle?

In the world of immediate gratification and expecting progress right away, these obstacles become more daunting because we, as a society, need to be more patient.

It’s like someone is standing right in front of a tree, and the tree is blocking the view of the forest, so you don’t even see there is a forest.

This is why we owe it to ourselves to keep the vision and goal that inspires us at the forefront of our minds, allowing us to overcome obstacles.

Here are notable takeaways to overcome any obstacle that comes your way:

  • Motivation is temporary, and Inspiration is long term
  • We must motivate ourselves daily to stay in touch with what inspires us
  • We should have clarity in our goals every day
  • Create a vision board to stay inspired, and do it with your family
  • Develop a team to support you
  • Find a mentor or coach to help you overcome your obstacles
  • Always, always, always focus on the positive

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