“Celebrate your marriage every day” with Power couple Mike and Glori Storms

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As Balanced Warriors, we always talk about multi-dimensional success: success in the areas most important to you.  And the relationship with your significant other is paramount to achieving this level of success.  Why? Because to be a high performer, your home life has to be rock solid; otherwise, there is no foundation for your success.    We are incredibly excited to share this interview with a genuine power couple, Mike and Glori Storms.  The two of them are the epitome of multi-dimensional success with a highly successful health coaching business, they are in excellent physical condition, have beautiful relationships with their family, have strong faith, and, most importantly, have a loving and reciprocal relationship that grows stronger every day. The two share what it takes to have a happy marriage and how it is a lot of work.  Mike and Gloria opened their hearts and shared personal challenges and obstacles they experienced and practical strategies that helped them overcome the struggles.  Now they get to live a life most people could only dream of.  And it all comes back to their commitment to having a happy and healthy marriage. There are a lot of takeaways, so tune in on how to always keep your marriage first and continue to be married to your best friend!

  • Focus on becoming the person you want to find.
  • Heal yourself first; otherwise, you bring your personal bruises into the relationship.
  • Identify your marriage expectations and align your financial goals.
  • Become aware of what season you and your spouse are in.
  • Faith is the glue to keep the relationship strong and provide structure for your family.
  • “Celebrate your marriage every day” – Glori Storms

To learn more about Mike and Gloria’s health coaching or this podcast, please email Glori at gloristorms@gmail.com and Mike at sensei.storms@gmail.com.  You could follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/mike.storms.754 and Instagram at instagram.com/coachmikestorms/

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