The Power of habit tracking

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Habit Tracking will help you achieve more of your goals this year!

It has been said that your life is made up of your habits. Virtually all of us fall into routines regarding what we eat, when we sleep, how active we are throughout the day, and even the time that we spend with our loved ones. The question is, how many of these habits have you consciously chosen, and how well do the choices support the goals and the lifestyle that you desire? In this episode, Mike goes over the benefits of habit tracking, and how this simple but powerful tool provides both motivation and accountability to readjust your daily routine.

Topics covered include:

  • What most people get wrong about goal setting
  • Understanding the difference between outcome goals and process goals
  • How to establish action items for any goal or area of life
  • How to decide how high to set your goals
  • Keeping motivated when you falter along the way

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