The must know difference between motivation and inspiration

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In episode 20 of the Balanced Warrior Podcast,  Balanced Warrior Chris Berlow discusses the difference between Motivation and Inspiration and how motivation is temporary, and inspiration is permanent.  In life, we need both to achieve any level of success.  Inspiration is the audacious goal that excites and scares you simultaneously.  It is a mission or purpose that keeps you going and is typically a long-term goal or mission-oriented result, such as my wife just completing her first Ironman.  Many of our clients find their inspiration through their Worthy Ideal, the legacy they want to leave, and the impact they want to make on others.  Motivation is what you do day to day to fulfill your inspiration.   Motivation could be small daily bursts of excitement to trigger action and overcome laziness.  It could be a reflection of your inspiration; it could be a daily routine to prime your mind so you could crush your day; it could be physical exercise; it doesn’t matter as long as you do something to stay motivated every day.  Listen to how Chris shares stories and anecdotes for you to get motivated every day and stay inspired so you can live your best life.

Key points…

  • Inspiration is permanent; motivation is temporary
  • Motivation must occur every day
  • Find what inspires you to duel the motivation
  • motivation comes from priming your mind to win your day

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