What to say when you take to yourself

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This episode features a solo presentation by Balanced Warrior Coach, Michael Mertens. Michael discusses his opinion towards positive self-talk and facing up to the reality that it’s not crazy to talk to yourself. In fact, it’s insane not to! Everyone hears and battles with a variety of voices in their head every single day. And whether you are parenting or performing, an athlete or an accountant, your daily thoughts are sure to range from positive to negative and empowering or disempowering. So how can you take control of which voice comes through the loudest and most clear? Michael shares his five steps for getting your inner voice focused in a productive way that maximizes your talent and creativity. Listen in and learn…

  • What positive self-talk can’t do and more importantly what it can
  • The difference between self-honesty and negativity
  • The parenting rule is a great reminder of how you should treat your own self-talk
  • The power of the word NEXT!
  • Why positive self-talk takes practice and how to get better at it consistently

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