It takes a village to be successful in business and life

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Episode 21 is sure to get the wheels turning in your mind as the duo of Mike Mertens and Chris Berlow joins forces to discuss the idea of a “Self made man”; and how much Mike and Chris DISAGREE with the term.  You never know where inspiration comes from, and in this case, Mike was looking for new shirts and came across one that said, “Self-made man” in big letters across the front.  Mike saw it and realized how untrue that statement was.  And, of course, he didn’t buy the shirt.  Chris and Mike discuss the principles of a “Village made man,” tapping into the idea that it takes a village to succeed.  Grandmaster Kim once explained how everyone needs three people in their lives.  They need a protege or apprentice, a partner, and a mentor.   Mike and Chris discuss how all three levels of influence pool together to define the individual.  And to be blunt, anyone who claims to be a self-made person is nothing less than a narcissist.  For every successful person, there is a village behind them that supports them to do so, which is why the shirt should be “Village-made man.”  And it is essential, as Balanced Warriors, to appreciate and recognize those who helped along the way.

  • The first and most influential mentor is your parents.  (Couldn’t have been self-made if you weren’t conceived)
  • We could learn from positive or negative influences…follow what you like and leave what you don’t.
  • A good partnership is being responsible for one part of business/life so the other could be free to do what they do.
  • Balanced Warriors should give recognition, show appreciation, and always pay it forward.

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