Episode Seven: How you can grow your business with meaningful investments in your staff

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In this episode of the Balanced Warrior Podcast, Chris and Mike team up (Coach Paul is at a wedding) to discuss the importance of business owners investing in their team.  The truth is, many companies value the customer over the staff.  Chris and Mike challenge the majority and explain how the staff is much more important than any amount of customers.  Why, because who will take care of the customers if you don’t have a team?  As Mike says, we need to “Take care of the people who takes care of the people.”

Chris shares how he took his staff of ten on an all-expense paid trip to Mexico at a luxury resort and did so to show appreciation for all their hard work.  Especially coming off the crazy two-plus years of the Covid Pandemic.  While Mike had not taken his team on such a trip, he does explain how he goes above and beyond for his team to make sure they are feeling appreciated and fulfilled.  While we all need to earn money to make a living, most people will work for fulfillment and recognition.  So it is important for all business owners to take care of the team, so the team can take care of your business.  No matter how big your business is.

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Key takeaways:

  1. Your team is more important than your customers.
  2. As Mike said, “Take care of the people who take care of the people.”
  3. Time equals Love:  Give your team time, and they will always deliver
  4. Staff members don’t need to be best friends, but they need to work together, which is developed from culture.
  5. The business owner should nurture and take care of the team, so they can take care of the customers.
  6. Always show your team you care and appreciate them.
  7. When your team feels appreciated, they will take ownership in the business.
  8. The role of a leader is to edify our team, uplift our team, and let them grow.
  9. Treat your staff like your family because they are!

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