Why Following your Principles and not your Feelings Lead to Success.

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Feelings change by the day, often times by the hour. So how can we overcome mood swings and how our emotions pull us away from the mindset and actions that lead to success? In this episode, the Balanced Warriors discuss strategies to increase the time you spend acting on principles rather than feelings. They each give real world examples related to common challenges including staying committed to a fitness routine, dealing with workplace conflict, and maintaining a connection with your spouse. Listen in and learn…

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  • How your identity is the biggest driver of your actions and keeps you congruent.
  • The daily habits Chris has that some people mistake as selfish that is actually self-less.
  • The importance of pause and reflection between stimulus and response.
  • Don’t let your goals, plans and intentions get off track-take control of your schedule, habits, and principles.

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