Episode Six: Get to know Balanced Warriors: Chris Berlow

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Our resident master of mediation, Chris is known for how he manages to stay calm and positive in the face of adversity. So we get him in the hot seat so we can learn what can truly knock him off his center.

This is the episode where Chris shares:

  • The importance of having each other’s back as a parent.
  • The Mother’s Day dinner where he couldn’t control his temper
  • How he supported his children to pursue their passions as a career
  • Admits that he’s not a hugger
  • The book that only made sense to him ten years later
  • How he started his first business with a 10,000 loan at 25% interest!
  • His Disney Princess obsession?!?
  • What it’s like to climb to the “roof of Africa”, Mt. Kilimanjaro

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