Episode 19 – Mastering the game of life and leaving no stone unturned

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This week on the YOU Have Infinite Power podcast we have special guests; Matt and Angela Vahue of Alliance Advisor Group.  Matt who is the regional director of a thriving financial services firm, Alliance Advisory Group in Rochester, NY and Angela who is a sought after adviser in the same firm.  The two of them have cracked the code on how to achieve multi-dimensional success.  In the podcast they share their stories powerful stories on why they are in the financial services and how they are able to balance the hectic life of their demanding careers, sustain a strong relationship with each other and raising their beautiful baby girl.  They are a true testament to the statement, “You can have it all”.  Listen to their tips on mastering the game of life and leaving no stone unturned.

A few value bombs are…

  1. It is essential to communicate regularly what each partner is doing
  2. Appreciate each others unique abilities and play to each others strengths
  3. Be honest with your partner and feel comfortable to ask for help when needed
  4. Make sure to spend time with each other
  5. Work on the relationship and not just in it through effective communication

When you are able to apply the principals and concepts in this podcast, you will be able to create multi-dimensional success and yes, you too could have it all and the Vahue’s will show you how.

You could reach both Matt and Angela by visiting Alliance Advisory Group’s website at www.allianceadvisorygroup.com, email them at matthew.vahue@allianceadvisorygroup.comangela.vahue@allianceadvisorygroup.com and you could find them on LinkedIn as well.  Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions regarding this podcast or are interested in a career in the financial services with a very reputable firm.

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