Episode 20 – Master Jim Nam shares what it takes to achieve multi dimensional success

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Our guest this week on the YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast is a close friend and martial arts colleague, Master Jim Nam. Master Nam is an owner of a multi-school martial arts organization, a successful health coach, a great father and a loving husband. In this interview we celebrate his ability to achieve multi-dimensional success and what he did to get there. As with most of our guests, success didn’t come easy. His family immigrated to the US when he was 8 years old, he worked three jobs to get himself through college and at the age of 22 bought his first Taekwondo School. Master Nam knew he wanted to expand to impact more people and did just that with four schools in Southern California. He is a student of personal development and continues to grow, learn and be better every day.

In this podcast, Master Nam shares his daily routines, personal life philosophy, leadership traits and much more. It is a very fun, light-hearted interview with a wealth of information that will inspire you to develop a personal system for success.

A few value bombs from Master Nam!

  • Value bomb one: Success is having the freedom to live life to the fullest now, and not wait until we are 65.
  • Value Bomb two: When having a challenge; sit back, close your eyes and envision a beautiful time in my life.
  • Value Bomb three: First 17 seconds of what you put into your head is most important. Start morning with prayer and gratitude.
  • Value Bomb: Quote for business, “Marry the process, divorce the result”.

You could find Master Nam on Facebook where he is very active doing his best to inspire and impact the martial arts

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