Episode 17 – What It Takes To Reinvent Yourself – You Have Infinite Power

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This week we have a very special guest on our show; Grandmaster Keith Winkle.  Grandmaster Winkle has been a mentor, friend and inspiration to both Chris and Paul for over twenty years.  He is currently owner and operator of Inspire Martial Arts in Burbank, California.  Grandmaster Winkle at one time had build up a multi-million dollar organization with multiple successful schools in the Richmond, Virginia area.  In 2008, he sold everything and moved out to Burbank California and started all over again.  Of course, this was amongst the greatest economic crisis of our generation.  His made the move to work with more influential people in California so he could in turn have a greater impact through martial arts.  After incredible sacrifices, he spent the last ten plus years working effortlessly to “Inspire the inspirers” and leave a strong mark in the southern California area.  He has a powerful story of perseverance, overcoming adversity and purpose as he shares the hardships and successes of the most challenging time in his life.  What is amazing is that he is grateful for every challenge he has because it brought him to where he is today.

Some value bombs that will definitely INSPIRE you are…

  1. Most people never outgrow their habits
  2. Make a decision to consistently work on yourself and have rituals that you follow
  3. Every day is training an practice and we have to strive to be better than the day before
  4. Forgive yourself of your m mistakes so you could clear your mind for a better future
  5. Make the necessary improvements and move on


If you are interested in reach out out to Grandmaster Winkle, contact him at masterwinkle@gmail.com, or you could find him on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/masterwinkle


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