Episode 13 – The wives tell all about how to raise a family – You Have Infinite Power

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This week on the YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast we have the most important guests to date so far, our wives Kathy Berlow and Gina Melella.  The two of them run the household, care for children, cook, clean, exercise, work in the businesses and pretty much do it all.  Yes, they are part of the Wonder Women generation and we are lucky to have them here with us as we talk about relationships and family.

In the YHIP Podcast, a lot of our conversations are designed to improve your business, get in better shape, improve your health and improve your mindset.  None of this would be possible if things were not rock solid at home.  It is the stability of your family life that will give you the ability to produce high level results in other areas.  That is why we brought the two people who literally keep the household running so Grandmaster Melella and Grandmaster Berlow could do what they need to do.  It is 100% without a doubt a team effort.

We dive deep into how creating memorable moments and developing small routines to keep the family working together nicely.  And no, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies in either of the households, however, we are always striving to be the best parents possible.

Here are some fo the powerful value bombs that every parent could take home with today…

  1. Hold a weekly family meeting especially with multiple children
  2. Make the weekends fun so kids remember the good times
  3. Always strive to make one on one time with the kids and spouse to create memorable moments
  4. Let them do things on their own so they can prepare for the future

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