Episode 12 – Staying positive in the face of adversity – You Have Infinite Power

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This week’s podcast is with our co-hosts, Grandmaster Chris Berlow and Grandmaster Paul Melella.  Both Chris and Paul have endured challenges and obstacles in their personal and professional lives.  Then again, who hasn’t?   Even though there were tough times, they have managed to not let the circumstance effect how they feel and act.  They have achieved self-mastery by being able to stay positive even when things were hard.  To do so, it takes a lot of mental strength and introspective thinking to keep your mind from going dark and keeping things in positive perspective.  This is exactly what is discussed in this powerful podcast.

Chris and Paul both share tools and strategies that you could apply today that will keep your mindset right, help you stay positive and overcome whatever obstacle you face.

A few of the value bomb’s are…

  1. Remove yourself from the situation, get in nature and analyze from afar.
  2. Refer to past successes to give the confidence to power through.
  3. Reflect what you are grateful for on a consistent and daily basis.
  4. Ask yourself “How” to overcome the obstacle, not “If” you will overcome.
  5. Refer to past successes to give the confidence to power through whatever is front of you.

Our mindset is the most valuable asset we have whether related to business, your personal life or any kind of achievement.  It must be protected at all costs and this podcast shows you how to keep things right.  Enjoy and be sure to stay positive!

If you have any questions for Chris or Paul related to this topic or any Empowered Mastery Programs; Personal Coaching, Life Alignment Bootcamp or Group Coaching, feel free to contact them at info@empoweredmastery.com or visit the website at www.empoweredmastery.com.

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