Episode 11 – How passion, proper work ethic and confidence will drive your success – You Have Infinite Power

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This week’s special guest is World Class Powerlifter, Brad Ettinger.  Brad went from being a very tiny kid growing up to one of the all time top ten Power Lifters in the world.  In 2017 he was top five in his weight class of 181 pounds with a combined lifting total of 1755 pounds.   He Bench Pressed 451 pounds, Dead lifted 678 pounds and squatted 626 pounds.   For those listeners out there who train in weight lifting, you know how impressive those numbers are.  What is more impressive is Brad’s story on how he want from a 90 pound freshmen in high school to a world class power lifter.

Brad shares what he did to protect and shift his mindset from a very nice guy, to an extremely focused beast at power lifting competitions, then back to the nice guy.  He shares why rejuvenation and recovery is of the utmost importance to be able to perform at the highest level just as we tell our clients in business.  It all comes down to having the mindset of a winner and Brad did exactly that!

Brad left us three value bombs to take away….

  1. Have a personal incantation to get in the zone, Brad’s is, “It won’t beat me, I own this, I WON’T STOP!”
  2. Set yourself up with a routine/ritual to get yourself into the zone
  3. Be sure to deliver; actions speak much louder than words

Spoke from a true winner of life!  To learn about Brad’s journey you could like is instagram page @teambkepower and you will get the latest training tips, updates on his competitions and all the great stuff that Brad is up to.

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