Investing into your internal bank account

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Are you making internal deposits into your body by eating healthy foods or are you consistently eating unhealthy foods that are like a withdrawal from your internal bank account?

Most people aren’t even aware of their internal bank account. Think of your bank account… most of us know that we either are making a deposit into the account or we are withdrawing money from the account leaving it depleted, low and weak. Our bodies are very similar to a bank… we are either investing into our health or we are weakening it. It mainly comes down to the foods we are eating!

Do you eat alkaline foods? Do you even know what alkaline foods are? I originally had no clue what alkaline foods were and why it was so important to maintain and keep my body in an alkaline state. I was raised as a typical Italian- American boy from the suburbs of NY. We loved our pasta and meatballs and all the “good stuff” that my mother made for us growing up. We really didn’t eat fast food… but as kids we did drink soda. I very rarely ate any fruits or vegetables and if I did it was because my parents made me eat them. I definitely wasn’t aware of keeping my body in an alkaline state by eating certain foods…that’s for sure.

It wasn’t until my Grandmaster in the martial arts asked myself, Master Chris Berlow and some of the other Masters to become vegetarians. I remember when he asked us to start eating like this… I was in complete culture shock. I hated it! In the back of my mind I would ask myself… “Why is he asking us to do this?” But in the martial arts… we never really ask why or question. The reply is just “yes sir.” And we do it.

Of course our Grand Master did discuss the benefits of eating a vegetarian diet or lifestyle… but it was also reinforced with books I read and seminars that I took that really helped understand the benefits of maintaining a healthy and vital lifestyle.

I learned that alkaline foods are foods that raise the amount of oxygen that your blood takes in. The most alkalizing foods are RAW green leafy vegetables, non-sweet fruits and wheat grasses.

wheat grass juice

(Which is now one of my most favorite beverages that I drink) The opposite of alkaline foods are acid foods such as meat, processed foods, fast foods, soda, milk and energy drinks.  So if we are thinking of our body like a bank…we either make deposits into your internal bank account (alkaline foods) or you make a withdrawal (acidic foods).

How much oxygen your blood can absorb is measured on a pH scale that ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 0 is most acidic while a pH of 14 is most alkaline. What is the right acid – alkaline balance? Our blood is in balance when we’re slightly alkaline: with a pH of 7.365.

If our blood cannot absorb enough oxygen we get sick: cancer, heart issues, arthritis and candida infections, diabetes are the result. You know that our body tries to maintain a constant temperature 98.5F or 37C. But do you know that your body tries even harder to maintain the right amount of oxygen in your blood (a pH of 7.365)? When our pH is too high or too low, we don’t feel well, we feel tired, gain weight, have poor digestion and get aches and pains. Most people are too acidic: they cannot absorb enough oxygen. That’s why cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes are epidemic.

So the question is … How acidic are you? Most of our clients don’t know what their PH level is. So most of you are probably thinking… “How do you know your body pH?” I love this one, because it’s incredibly easy to find out what your alkalinity is. You simply buy some pH test strips at a health store and slap some of your saliva on it.

PH strips

The paper will tell you instantly what your pH is and thus, how alkaline or acid you are.

After you find out your PH level… some of you may be acidic and the PH level could be low. And then you ask yourself… “Why or how am I acidic? Well… the four main reasons are:

  • Stress;
  • Toxins;
  • Parasites; and
  • The food we eat.

It’s too bad that the foods we like most make us most acidic and potentially get us sick. What are these foods? You guessed right:

  • Junk & Processed foods;
  • Sugar;
  • All animal food (meat, eggs, chicken, fish, lobster, oysters);
  • Grains: (white) wheat, rice, pasta, flour, bread etc.;
  • Some Fruits;
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, butter);
  • Bad fats;
  • Peanuts, cashews.

During most of our lives, the majority of the foods we eat are (highly) acidic. These make us sick and tired. The opposite of all those acidic foods are… yup that’s right….raw alkaline foods. Raw alkaline foods and drinks can help our body to heal itself from most diseases:

  • Vegetables – especially raw green leafy vegetables.
  • Fresh Herbs & Spice – parsley, basil, cilantro, cayenne, ginger;
  • Fruits – watermelon, avocado, cucumber, young coconuts;
  • Wheat grass;
  • Sprouts: i.e. alfalfa, broccoli etc.

pure proteinThe best alkaline drinks are alkaline water, coconut water, vegetable juice and wheatgrass juice. If you are very acidic you might need alkaline supplements to get you back in balance quicker. I personally use wheat grass powder that I get from and also use a company called Vibrant Health that has two of my favorite products:

  • Green Vibrance
  • PureGreen Protein

To learn more about how eating healthy can change your life download “A Tale of Two Ricks”, a first-hand account of Empowered Mastery’s Rick Wollman’s personal health TRANSFORMATION.

Live Life to the Fullest!

Master Paul Melella Jr

Tips from this article

  • Purchase some PH test strips at a local health store or on amazon. Check to see what your PH level is.
  • Start making deposits into your internal bank account by eating more alkaline foods or drinks.
  • Slowly decrease or eliminate any acidic foods or drinks from your eating habits.
  • If you have a challenge eating more raw vegetables…drink wheat grass powder and or the Green Vibrance products as an easier alternative solution.

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