Earn the Right

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Happy New Year!  I bet you are ready to take the bull by the horns and make 2016 the best year ever.  Correct?  We all start the new year re-energized full of new hopes, dreams and ambitions.  We look at the new year as a clean slate where anything and everything is possible.

Well, since you already have that mindset, I’m gonna take a different approach for you.  See, I believe having the right mindset is key to success in our personal and professional lives. I personally make sure that I, “Earn the right” to be in front of my students and clients.

In the United Martial Arts Centers organization, we have an upgrade system where we invite students to participate in higher level programs.  We offer a Black Belt Program where students train to become Black Belts and a Leadership Program where students train to be leaders and future Instructors.

A special uniform represents the different programs and students aspire to wear them.  I host a special upgrade meeting where I explain to the students and families that they need to “Earn the right” to wear the special uniform.  How do they earn it?  For Black Belt Club, students have to act like a black belt even though their not one yet.  They have to represent the characteristics of a Black Belt through excellence in discipline, respect, self control and focus.  Rewardingly, students of all ages successfully take on the “Black Belt” mindset and have truly “Earned the right” to wear the special uniform.

This is exactly what we should always do for our students and clients.  If you are an owner of a martial arts school or in a business where you have clients to serve, you need to earn the right to be in front of them.  Here are three things that you could do to be sure you “Earn the right” to be in front of your clients.

  1. Practice what you teach/sell:   If you are a Martial Arts school owner or instructor, be sure you “Earn the right” by practicing your art regularly.  If you are a salesman at a Toyota dealer, you should definitely be driving a Toyota.  If you are in the financial services, be sure to participate in the same program you are asking your clients to do.  It goes a long way.
  2. Continuous Growth: Many people unfortunately stop learning and growing in their own field.  There is a wealth of knowledge in every industry so be sure you are always learning.  This gives you a fresh perspective on what you do.
  3. Be Healthy: If you truly want to “Earn the right” to be in front of your clients/students, be sure to be the one they aspire to be like.  Live a life of healthful habits and you will be an example for all.  If one could discipline their eating habits, they could discipline all areas of their life.

In my partner Rick Wollman’s e-book, “A Tale of Two Rick’s”, he shares how he went from the “Unhealthy Rick” to the “Healthy Rick”.  The results were outstanding and while changing his lifestyle to healthy living, he developed more confidence due to the increased discipline.   Basically, Rick had “Earned the right” to be in in front of others.

There you have it!  Now with the New Year you have the opportunity to set things in place and be a true example to your clients, students, families or whoever you influence by holding yourself accountable by “Earning the right”.

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