Setting Goals? Please DON’T Do It! (until you read this post)

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Hi All

Yes it’s that time of year. A fresh start, a new year, a time that everyone sets new goals. UGGGGHHHH!

The most common are weight goals, business goals, production goals, exercise goals, yada, yada, yada. If you are in this majority I urge you to STOP! Don’t do it! Please Don’t Do It! At least until you have read this post.

I’m about to say something that is almost ‘sacrilegious’. Goals can be the downfall of us all. Yes you heard me correct. Goals can be the downfall of us all. Goals set us up for failure. Goals only frustrate and give us more stress.

Got your attention? Good.

How many of us set goals for the year? I’d venture to say 99% of us. How many of us reach all the goals we set? Come on, honestly. Maybe 20%, more realistically 10%? WHY? Why do most of us fail? Have you ever thought about this?

My 3 Reasons

  1. They are not realistic
  2. They are not truly our goals
  3. They are not aligned with what we at Empowered Mastery calls our Worthy Ideal

Let me explain:

Most goals we set for ourselves are unrealistic; I want to triple my income, I want to lose 50 lbs and keep it off, I want to Unrealistic Goalswork out 5 days a week. Now i’m not saying these goals can’t be achieved, but I am saying is it realist for you? Can you go from working out once a week or not at all to 4 days a week? Then keep doing until it becomes a habit? If you haven’t increased your production in years is it realistic for you to triple it this year? If you’ve been on and off diets for years and years is it really realistic for you to lose 50 lbs and KEEP IT off this time?

Frequently the goals we set for ourselves are not even our goals, it’s what others expect us to do. We see commercials and TV shows about dieting so we say ‘I’ll do that’. Or our managers or peers tell us we should be doing this amount of production and you say ‘ok’. You see often times, someone else is telling us what we should be achieving. How inspired can you be accomplishing goals that really weren’t yours in the first place?

Here’s a typical sales goals. To me this is like nails on a blackboard. Have you heard this before?

Come to work Monday

  • make 50 calls
  • to get 10 appts
  • so you can make 2 sales

Really? I’d rather watch paint dry. How about this…..

  • make 10 calls
  • set 9 appts
  • make 7 sales

Ok, apologies, I digress. But do you see my point?  Make sure the goals you set are truly yours.

Now, the NUMBER 1 reason why we don’t achieve our goals is because they are not aligned with what we call our Worthy Ideal. Yes that is without a doubt correct. What is a Worthy Ideal you ask? And why am I so sure and confident this is the number 1 reason why we fail at goal setting and goal achieving?

Well, as they used to say on one of my favorite childhood shows …….

Can Rick Wollman truly explain his reasoning??

What really is A Worthy Ideal??

Will it really help me to achieve more of my goals??

Is it worth holding my breath until the next post??

Answers ….. Next Power Sales Blog Post…. Same Time ….Same Blog Channel.

For all of you ‘Milennials’ this comes from the old Batman TV shows from the 60’s. Here’a clip for your viewing entertainment. Notice the ending. Enjoy!






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