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Do you know how most salespeople are constantly struggling to find quality prospects and hate cold calling?

What I do is provide salespeople with a powerful marketing blueprint that allows them to attract countless quality prospects so they become the HUNTED instead of the hunter.

Now how does that sound?

If you’re like all salespeople you are on a never ending search to find sales tools to grow your pipeline and increase your productivity. You focus on all the sales techniques you can, to get that magic pill. (Yes, I know that is the main purpose of this blog)

But what if you can do all the above in half the amount of time with half the amount of stress? How awesome would that be?  How great would it be to instantly know what your clients are thinking and have the answers for their biggest challenges, even before you meet them? (Be patient, I’m getting to the point shortly)

Let me ask you this, what are the two most important ways companies bring in revenue? I’ll give you the first one; sales. So what’s the second? Come on think.

Another clue, I already gave you the answer.


When you just sell you only reach the person you are speaking to, when you market, you can reach the masses at one time

Yes effectively marketing yourself can increase your business exponentially in half the amount of time. Yes I’m real serious. Do you know that most salespeople and entrepreneurs don’t even think about marketing themselves? Why?

  • Don’t know how
  • Don’t know who to turn to
  • Fear
  • Too focused on the sales end

In my 30 + years-experience I have found two critical flaws with salespeople

  1. They work way too hard (yes that’s right)
  2. They hate change

Effectively creating a marketing blueprint represents change. My purpose over the next few posts is to

  • Raise your level of awareness about marketing
  • Give you my 6 Magic Marketing Phrases.

Yes I know I’m dangling that carrot again, but remember I have been put on strict word count per post. I also promise it will be worth your while.

See next post: Rick’s 5 Magic Marketing Phrases





Tips from this article

  • The two most important ways a salesperson can increase their revenue is Sales & Marketing
  • When you just sell you only reach the person you are speaking to, when you market, you can reach the masses at one time
  • Marketing can increase your income exponentially in half the amount of time



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