The # 1 Attribute that Separates the Great from the Status Quo

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You can always spot the great salespeople and those who produce the most. The way they think, feel and act is just different from the rest. We can pick them out from a crowd; they have this aura about them.

So what’s different about them? What makes them better or more successful then the rest? What makes them produce at such a high level year in and year out? What do they have that the rest of us don’t?

In my previous post I spoke about a quality that all salespeople must have; Passion. However in all my years of owning businesses, training and consulting sales teams, the # 1 difference between a great salesperson from the status quo is CONFIDENCE.

‘We gain strength and courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot’.       Eleanor Roosevelt   (if you haven’t already done so, watch ‘The Roosevelts’, it is a fascinating historical documentary on one of the great leading families in American history)

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind CONFIDENCE separates the ultra-successful from the rest. It is the most important ingredient any salesperson must have to be great and it is the very first thing I talk about when giving my Power Sales seminars.

Without confidence it’s irrelevant what product you sell or service you provide. You will not be great.

My business partner Nick says it best and it’s one of my favorite lines. “I know I am the best of the best, it doesn’t make a difference if I am or not, it’s always my mindset.”

So how do you develop confidence?

Confidence Ingredients – K.P.E

Knowledge – Do whatever you can to increase your industry and product knowledge. It is a never ending quest to improve and be better. What seminars have you gone to? What programs have you taken? What books have you read? More importantly have you sought a mentor?

I can almost guarantee the superstars in sales do more of the above than everyone else.

Preparation – How much time do you take to prepare for a sales call or meeting? Do you have a sales process? (More about this in a future post) Do you follow it? Think of an elite athlete, how much time do you think they practice and prepare? (And no for you sports fans out there, I’m not talking about Allen Iverson.)

Experience – The more sales calls you go on, the phone calls you make and the more activity you have will gives you that experience you need.  Whether you fail or not is irrelevant.  What’s most important is you keep learning and gain that valuable experience.

Tips from this article

Always think, feel and act with confidence

Seek out a mentor or coach

Knowledge, Preparation & Experience (K.P.E) will get you the confidence you need

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