Selling vs. Buying

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I might have mentioned previously what had for their definition of selling, “to persuade or induce.”  On the other hand, the definition of buy is, “to acquire or purchase by exchange.”

I would go further by adding my own definition of each.

Sell – to coerce or manipulate someone to purchase a product or service they did not want nor feel comfortable with.  (Used car salesperson)

Buy – to show value and/or benefits of a product or service that inspires someone to purchase

See the difference? Now which would you rather do? Unfortunately most salespeople and their managers keep using the word ‘sell and selling’ over and over again. It has such a negative connotation these days. If a salesperson has a sell first mentality I could almost guarantee that person is stressed and unfulfilled.

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘people hate to be sold but LOVE to buy?’

I love that saying so much that it’s one of my 5 Magic Marketing phrases. (See future blog where I talk about this in greater detail.)

When you are selling your emotions are wound tight and you give off this negative energy that the client picks up on. Immediately they put this brick wall up and start treating you like a salesperson and start running the other way. They perceive you as a product salesperson and start comparing you to everyone else. Or worse they treat you like an insurance salesperson and the only way they will buy from you is if your product has the lowest premium or the highest dividend.

Isn’t that fun?

Do you have enough time in the day to drive all over the place to sell the cheapest term insurance? Or compete on a product’s sales charge? Do you even want to?

The art of inspiring your client to buy is simply the transference of energy from you to them. I’m 100% serious on this. You have to give off the right energy. The minute you walk in the door or speak to them on the phone they are already sizing you up. It takes just a few seconds for your clients to form an opinion about you. If that first opinion is negative you will be fighting an uphill battle; one that very few can overcome. So why not start the right way?

One of my clients said it best , “Come from a place of caring and do so with love and respect”. When you do, not only will you develop a rapport with your client, but you will also be more fulfilled.

Tips from this article

  • Inspire your clients to buy by focusing on providing value, rather than coercing and manipulating them by selling.
  • Don’t be labeled as a product salesperson
  • Come from a place of caring, you will be happier and more fulfilled

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