Episode One: The Five…NO!… Six elements of Multi-Dimensional Success!

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The kickoff episode of our Balanced Warrior Podcast. A very rocky start but it ends up great! You’ll get to learn a bit about Chris, Paul, and Mike including their struggles on the way to achieving multi-dimensional success in their own lives. We are excited to be on this adventure with you. Make the decision to define success on your terms and to become a Balanced Warrior.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Mike’s unusual definition of what it means to be “greedy”
  • What Paul learned from his parents that he chose NOT to follow
  • The question that Chris’s wife asked him that changed his focus and his schedule
  • Paul’s “showdown” with a 2 million dollar earner
  • The Ferrari with 3 flat tires
  • Chris formula for living mindfully
  • The source of guilt in relationships and how to avoid it

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