Episode Two: How the Balanced Warriors Seize the Day

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Listen in as Paul, Chris, and Mike share their own morning routines and learn three different “flavors” of ways to greet the day. Including:

  • Paul’s membership in the 5am uncommon club. Mike is NOT a member!
  • Chris’ commitment to a morning hot tub and hiking routine
  • Suggestions for simple wins to start the day right


  • What martial arts taught us all about setting the tone before taking action
  • The sobering question that Chris asks at the beginning and end of every single day
  • Paul’s strategy for family “appointments”
  • Mike’s explanation of quality time vs quantity time and which one really matters
  • The importance of saying NO
  • Treating self-care as part of your responsibility to be the best for others

This episode will help you to appreciate the power of your morning routine and give you a variety of options to make it more meaningful and effective for you.

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