Episode 27 – If it can be done, why not by you?

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This week we have a very special guest on the YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast; Master Amitis Pourian aka Master “P”.  Master P is a rockstar!  Everything she does, she does it at the highest level possible.  Her family Immigrated from Iran when she was a young child and came to this country with very little.  Her parents worked tirelessly and built a very successful real estate construction company in California.  The strong work ethic passed on to Master P and she found a passion in Taekwondo.  Through hard work she became a US National Champion and Team member while being a full-time student and working full time.  Any one of these paths would take a full-time schedule and she did all three at the same time!   After her Taekwondo competitive career, she redirected her energy to business and is now the CEO of a TRISIS Real Estate a commercial and residential brokerage firm, general contractor of Amitis Development, owner of a “Mega” martial arts/fitness school with over 900 active members and the managing partner of Donna’s Delights (gluten-free and protein baked goods). She is the co-founder of a very successful nonprofit organization called the Power of Women.  She has is also involved in numerous charitable initiatives constantly looking to impact the community she serves.

Master P is a sought-after speaker, a regular face on the local news, philanthropist, and powerful influencer.  In this podcast, she shares valuable lessons she learned on her journey to success and how you, the listeners, could do the same.  One of her favorite quotes, “If it can be done, why not by you”.  She shares how it CAN be you, if you want it bad enough.  For anyone who wants to achieve greatness in life, this is a podcast for you!

You could find Master P teaching Taekwondo and fitness at “The Studio” or working hard enriching the lives of others in one of her other businesses.  You could find her on Facebook at ,https://www.facebook.com/MasterPourarian/ email her at amitis@trainatthestudio.com.  You could check out The Studio at www.trainatthestudio.com. and see all of the amazing programs running there.


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