Episode 26 – Meet this 14-year old with positive energy and passion for life

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This week on the YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast we have a very special guest, maybe one of the most special guests we have ever had…..Grandmaster Paul Melella’s daughter Ms. Kiahna Melella.  Kiahna is a firecracker of positivity and energy just like her dad.  In the podcast, she shares her inspiring story of overcoming “Mean Girl” bullying and rising above it to land a lead role in a school play.  She is a talented actress and singer with an incredibly bright  future….(Which you will hear in the podcast).  Recently, Kiahna was recommended to start her own podcast on Astronomy by her teacher because she spoke so eloquently and passionately during a school exercise.

At the young age of 14 years old, Kiahna has mastered the art of visualization and positive self talk to get the outcome you want.  Whether you are a corporate executive, successful entrepreneur, a parent with teenage children or a child dealing with bullying, this podcast is for you.

Watch out world because Kiahna Melella is just catching her stride and she will be a force to reckon with.  To reach Kiahna, contact Paul at pmelella@empoweredmastery.com and he will get your message to her.

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  1. My greatest memory of my Grand daughter is…..When she was born, her parents read books to her in the morning & before she went to bed. When her Mom returned back to work, I had the opportunity to be with her 2-3 per week and put her to bed. She was speaking & reading flash cards by the time she was a little over a year old. I read books to her in a rocking chair in her room. Sometimes, I would forget my reading glasses & would change the story around. At that point, she would correct me, because she had already memorized all her books !! Her favorite cartoons were Tom & Jerry. Since I was a travel consultant, I had Tom & Jerry go on a world cruise with Princess Cruises. The story was about each port & how they would sneak on and off the ship. We would belly laugh together. On my next visit, I would bring pictures of the port we visited. This saga continued for many years with Kiahna & little brother Pierce !! I miss the magic of their laughter. Hopefully, I also planted a seed for them to explore the world. You are and always will be my favorite thing. Love you so much…Nana

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