Paul Melella, Jr. on the Project Egg Podcast

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Grand Master Paul Melella Jr: He is the co author of the bestselling book YOU Have Infinite Power and one of the founders of Empowered Mastery, one of the best personal and professional success training companies in the Northeast.

His claim to fame is simple…He started his first company United Martial Arts Centers at the age of 21 and with the help of his mentors, team and family… built it up to be one of the most successful schools in the country. He was able to purchase commercial real estate and operate their business model within multiple locations allowing their team to impact children and families within their communities.

He found myself wanting to help more people… He have a passion and a burning desire to share his specialized knowledge, leadership skills and business experience to help his students reach their personal full potential in all areas of life. He spent the past 20 years studying some of the most influential leaders who taught peak performance in business and in life.

Now with their company Empowered Mastery he have had the opportunity to help thousands of business professionals take their lives to another level- regardless of how successful they are…because success should be experienced in all areas: business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families and most of all health.

His Worthy Ideal is to lead, teach and inspire entrepreneurs and professionals to reach their personal full potential in all areas of life…Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and professionally. So they can experience multidemensial success and live a healthy- vital life of happiness, passion and fulfillment.

Specialties: Inspirational speaker, leadership, healthy lifestyle, meditation, martial arts mindset for peak performance, entrepreneurship and business strategies.

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