Episode 09 – Adversity to Success – You Have Infinite Power

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This week we have a special guest, Kijafa Crumble joining us all the way from Sweden.  Kijafa has a roller coaster of a story with many ups and downs with great successes and horrible struggles.  Through it all, he was able to innovate a new business and app called, Fitness Pro Live.  He has an extremely powerful story as you will hear.

Kijafa’s story as told on the Fitness Pro Live App:

As a cancer survivor, one thing that was very important to me was to receive genuine care from the medical staff. They gave me hope, confidence and motivation. Sometimes it felt like my recovery was more important to them than it was to me. As a fitness professional it is important to me to show that same genuine care to my clients when they come to me with their goals.

For most of my life I have been an athlete, playing American football on all levels from high school to professional in Europe. I have trained at the best facilities, and with some of the best fitness professionals in the industry, putting me in the greatest shape of my life. Then one day out of the blue my body started to break down, and my health began to deteriorate. For the first time in my life I nearly felt helpless. I was losing weight at a rapid pace, I went from doing one hundred perfect push-ups to not even being able to do one. My legs had gotten so weak that I could barely do a lunge on one leg. At the end of everyday my feet hurt so bad I could not walk on them. My body was in so much pain I could barely pick up my babies and hold them, nor play with them. I wasn’t physically active, therefore I could not work and make money.

For a moment, I was put in the same predicament as you, the client, the fitness professional who is struggling in some way. The procrastination, excuses, doubt, lack of confidence, discouragement and low self esteem are feelings the we have all shared, or will share at some point in our lives when things seem unattainable. Fitness Pro Live provides opportunity for everyone, no matter the situation.

Visit Kijafa at www.fitnessprolive.com and see what the app is all about.

You could also download the app on Apple devices:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fitness-pro-live/id1444306805

and Android Devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitnessprolive.android.


Enjoy this powerful podcast with a man who has been through it all!

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