Episode 08 – Making a Career out of a Passion – You Have Infinite Power

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A very exciting treat for everyone this week with two special guests, Master’s Antony Graf and Tim Thackery.  Both Antony and Tim were perennial US National Team Members in Taekwondo and were resident competitors at the US Olympic Training Center.  There were the best of the best in Taekwondo and continue their competitive passion towards their new business, The Juice Compound.  Antony and his wife Darcy own and operates a Taekwondo School and opened the first Crossfit gym in Miami, Fa.  Tim and his wife Carly opened a Crossfit Gym in Burbank, California, sold it and now operates a successful remote coaching program through the Juice Compound where he coaches elite competitors and Olympic athletes.

The two of them innovated a children’s called, “Y.E.S.” which stands for Youth Empowerment Systems.  This program enables children to progressively improve their fitness in an extremely inspiring way.  They combined their passion for fitness and helping children so they could leave their mark on creating a strong and healthy America.

A few notable take-aways…

  1. There is always something to learn from wherever you go
  2. Follow your passion, regardless of circumstances
  3. Surround yourself with people who inspire you
  4. Celebrate your successes and they will build upon each other
  5. Always be coachable
  6. You could have your cake and eat it to, work hard and reap the benefits

You could find Antony and Tim at www.juicecompound.com.  Look them up on Instagram and Facebook and they will be happy to share with you what they’re up to.

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