Six basic reasons why we should eat food

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Do you really think about what or even why you eat food? Though we are conscious of what goes into our mouths, we sometimes don’t consider the meaning or purpose behind that action. To understand nutrition and nourishment…we must first understand why we hope to achieve it and…why must we eat a certain way. What will happen if we don’t eat the proper foods, take in the proper nutrients? What will happen if we continuously eat crappy foods or don’t drink enough water throughout the day?

But really think about it… most American’s today… LOVE TO EAT! Then there are some people who EAT TO LIVE! Now… I love food… I really do… but my mindset towards food is all about performing at a high level, to be internally healthy, energetic and of course… to look my personal best. Someone else may eat because they love the social connection with family or friends. They don’t care that they are eating at restaurants every night of the week… because they love that social connection with coworkers, clients or family. But are they truly understanding how eating out every day of the week can jeopardize their health? To understand what’s at the base of nutrition, we must first understand why most people eat and make a decision on why you should eat a certain way.

 Why Do We Eat?

 Yes… if you really think about it… we eat to survive right? Most people eat to survive or live… but there are many reasons why we eat. There are six basic reason why the average person eats food. Not all of these reasons will be why you personally eat… but see if any of them make sense to you.


 1. For Peak Performance Energy

Foods can be a valuable asset in how we process our emotions and harness the power of energy for our physical well-being. Consuming healthy foods can boost how you feel on the inside and creating a positive mood on the outside. Good foods can enhance your body performance at its peak, providing the energy you need at work, taking care of your family, exercising and doing the activities you enjoy. But if you choose the wrong foods…they can decrease your energy level…which will produce poor performance results at work, home and no energy to do all the things you love to do. I call this making an Internal Deposit into our Health Bank Account. It is like putting high octane gas into a race car verse putting crappy gas into your car before a race. Every day is like a race… we need function at work at a high level. We need to function around our kids at a high level. We need to have the energy to be passionate with our spouse or significant other. If not… we won’t have the energy we need for the things that are the most important to us.

2. For Growth & Function

What we eat must help us regulate and maintain our bodily functions. We carefully plan what we eat for different stages of growth to ensure the proper development and function of the body. Most parents do their best to inspire their children to eat a certain way so they can grow up big and strong. But what happens after we all become adults? We must continue to think and continue with good eating habits as adults… if not… our bodies will grow old and create disease in our bodies…resulting in living shorter or unhealthy lives.

3. For Cleansing

You are either cleansing or clogging your body. You are either making an internal deposit or making an internal withdrawal. We really should be eating to cleanse the body… not to clog the body. Would you put mud and dirt into your gas tank? Of course not…that would be ridiculous. So make a conscious decision to begin each day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our organs need to be clean in order to work efficiently. Cleansing foods will not only take care of us internally… but it will also take care of our exterior body such as hair, nails and skin. Plus make you feel energetic and great!

4. For Prevention & Fighting Disease

My Grand Master in the martial arts has us drink this Korean wild green tea every morning… because he says it fights cancer and disease within the body. Everything that he consciously eats is to prevent disease or keep him healthy. We must supply a healthy temple for the body. The proper food and nourishment helps us create a strong internal environment that helps prevent and fight disease. He says… “What you do in your twenties… effects your thirties. What you do in your thirties… effects your forties”. I don’t know about you… but I want to live to see 100 years old and be healthy, vibrant and have all my marbles. The only way that will happen is by eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5. For Maintaining Our External Shell

Everything grows from the inside out. What we put into our bodies… will affect our external body. Of course we need to eat to have our bodies function… but nutrients also contribute to our physical appearance. An improper diet can cause us to look tired and fatigued, older, over weight and our hair, skin and nails look dried out… whereas healthy foods can add shine to our hair, help our skin and keep us looking young and vibrant.

6. For Social Situations & Enjoyment


Most of us celebrate holidays and events with food and drink. Sub consciously we are making a social connection with fun, friends and food. Especially with the holidays coming up… the last couple months of the year is all about what I call the 4 F’s. Which stands for:

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Food

4. Football (lol)

For most people… the next several months will be spent enjoying the holidays eating, drinking and celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays. Eating allows us to enjoy ourselves as people, bringing friends and families together for social enjoyment. Food teaches us to celebrate, appreciate, and love. We also may use it for comfort…however we must be aware of its negatives so eating habits are not misused. This is where we must be super careful when it comes to food… because we potentially could create habits that may not serve us when we make these social connections with food.

So… WHY DO YOU EAT? Take a look at the six basic reasons why most people eat and decide for yourself… why are you going to eat?

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Live Life to the Fullest!

Master Paul Melella Jr

Tips from this article

  1. Take a look at the six basic reasons why most people eat.
  2. Out of the six… how many do you truly connect with?
  3. Make a conscious decision to EAT TO LIVE… not LIVE TO EAT!

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