The Best Closing Technique I Have Ever Used

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Yes there is no doubt that to be a successful salesperson you must be able to close. You must be able to do so every single time otherwise you become status quo, average and unhappy.

There are hundreds of thousands of salespeople from all industries with almost just as many closing techniques. How do you know what works? But more importantly which is best for you?

Some salespeople are natural born closers, they have no fear and just instinctively know what to do. Others take years to develop their closing techniques and some never do. There are in your face closers and laid back closers. Some close on the first call, some close on the second, some on the third, some all the time and others just never learn how to close at all.

As you know I have been a salesperson all my career starting way back in 1982. I will continue to be one until I hang up suit and tie. I have tried and used so many sales technique during this time that I cannot possibly remember them all.

However there is one technique that surpasses all, one that works almost 100% of the time. This technique is so easy, so passive and so powerful that I have used this in almost every single major decision I have had to make in my life. From money decisions, to business decisions, to health, to nutrition, to exercise, even fun decisions like vacations and holidays.

As a matter of fact I think most of you have probably used this is some way shape or form over the years

Ok, have I built it up enough?  Should I keep the suspense going a little longer or should I just go ahead and share it now? Should I or shouldn’t I?

Well the answer is … I just told you. Read the above question again.

Yes, the single best closing technique I have ever used was asking this question to my clients;

Why You Shouldn’t? Why You Should?

I love asking this question as a part of my close. Sometimes I actually give my clients a pad and pen and have them write the following;


Here’s why this close is so effective

  • it’s non threatening
  • it’s easy for you to ask and easy for the client to answer
  • let’s you know what the client is thinking
  • lets you know their objections
  • lets you know what they remembered

How many times have you walked out of a meeting with a client and wonder why they didn’t buy? You thought you did everything right yet they said no. It bothers you for the rest of the day and perhaps the rest of the week. You keep wishing you knew what they were thinking. You try every which way to get back in the door or to get answers but they never come.

Yes it sucks!

The ‘Why You Shouldn’t/Why You Should’ closing question prevents all of the above. It puts you on a direct link to their thought process. It gives you all the information you need to answer objections, reinforce the benefits and get the check.

So next time you are ready to close try it. Let me know how it went.

Oh yes, I mentioned I used this technique with all decisions I have made both personal and professional. Perhaps the most important decision I made over the years was with my health.  I used this technique on myself; why I shouldn’t change my eating habits and why I should. In my ‘Tale of Two Ricks‘ you’ll see the thought process I was going through and how challenging it was to finally eat healthy.

This question ‘Why I Shouldn’t/Why I Should’ is a question most of us ask when making any decision to change or to improve.

The truly successful, happy and fulfilled individuals always find ways to say yes rather than no.

Do you?


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