3 Caramels

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Did the title peak your curiosity? It must have if you got to this point. So what the heck does 3 Caramel candies have to do with selling and why should I be interested?

Well why you are reading this is precisely why you should be interested. It got your attention!

Anything that gets your clients attention, anything that makes you stand out from your competition is extremely valuable to your success. So what’s up with the 3 Caramels?

I was out seeing one of my best corporate clients, the Bulfinch Group in MA. a few weeks ago. (BTW anytime you can go see your A clients is a good thing; it gets you energized and rejuvenated). During my stay, I sat down with one of our clients, Bob. (yes that’s his name) I sought him out because he was having a breakthrough year and I wanted to find out why.

He came into the conference room and put 3 Caramels on the table.

Of course I said ‘what’s this?’

He said ‘It’s 3 Caramels’.

I thought for a second then said ‘I really don’t like Caramels, but why did you put them on the table instead of just asking first?’

He proceeded to tell me ‘one of my best clients makes Caramel candy and I now bring them to every appointment to show my support and care I have for all my clients’.

I said ‘wow, that’s pretty cool’ and then asked ‘why 3’?

I believe he said something like ‘it’s too delicious to have just one, too few to have just 2’

He then also told me a few other reasons for putting 3 Caramels in front of every new client,

‘It gets their attention right away, it’s a conversation starter because everyone loves candy, and it relaxes people and makes them feel comfortable with me. They open up and the rest of the appointment is so relaxed, easy and fun’  Different Pencil

I knew right away I wanted to do my next blog about this and he gladly gave me the OK.

Just think about this; wouldn’t it be great if your clients feel relaxed and comfortable with you right from the start? Wouldn’t it be awesome if they look at you as person instead of that ‘snake oil’ salesperson? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you got their attention right away by showing how you support and care for your other clients? WOW!

So instead of just going right into the same ‘talk’ by asking the same mundane questions about their family, their career, their money as soon as you walk into the door how about doing something completely different so you stand out?

Instead of searching (struggling) to find ways to establish rapport, trust and to get them talking why not try something fun and unique.

So what’s your ‘3 Caramels?

I’d love to hear.

Oh yes, for those that are curious here is Bob’s Caramel clients’ website


As always, thanks for reading



Tips from this article

  • What are you doing to stand out from everyone else?
  • Try something different and fun when seeing clients
  • Always try to support your clients businesses in any way you can

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