Episode 15 – How to build a world class staff with Master Michael Mertens- You Have Infinite Power

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This week on the YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast we have special guest Master Micheal Mertens of World Class Taekwondo Centers in the greater Buffalo area.  Master Mertens is a Cornell Graduate, University of Buffalo Entrepreneurship Program graduate and part owner of an organization of five highly successful martial arts schools with a staff of 65 Black Belts.  He and his partner/mentor Grandmaster Sun Chong have 40 affiliate World Class schools across the country and is the founder of a coaching organization  called Taekwondo Professionals with 150 schools under his mentorship.  He has a wealth of knowledge and the experience to back it.

In today’s podcast, Master Mertens shares how he and his team created an amazing culture in the World Class Taekwondo organization through highly trained staff that share his vision.  If you are a business owner with employees, a manager managing people or are interested in expanding your business, this is a podcast to listen to.  This podcast is about business no matter what industry you are in.  Here are some of the key takeaways for you to look for…


  1. Change the title from staff members from “employee” to “Promise Keepers”
  2. A team is only a team when they have shared goals, shared vision, shared time, shared culture.   Just because people work together at the same time and place does not make them a team
  3. Take the time to invest in your team so you could get the time back because they will be so well trained, you won’t need to be there
  4. “Teamwork” is the most important “work” you will ever do.

If you should have any questions or comments on the podcast, please reach out to Master Mertens at director@buffalotkd.com.  He is more than willing to give advice and help your business anyway he can.

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