Episode 06 – Success Tips From an Elite Endurance Athlete – You Have Infinite Power

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This week we spent some time with an incredible individual, Dr. Tony Tanzi.  Dr. Tanzi does not only own a successful Physical Therapy practice but is also an ultra endurance athlete with six ironman, two marathons, nine half ironman’s and more half marathons than we could count.  Not only does he complete in these events, he holds very competitive times and is often in the top of his category.  He has a personal record for a half marathon of 1 hr 12 min.  That’s a 5 min and 33 second pace per mile!  Dr. Tanzi has an incredible resume and he is still going strong.

In this very informative and always entertaining podcast, we learn how Dr. Tanzi is able to compete as an elite endurance athlete, run a successful business, have a wonderful relationship with his wife and still be there for his three year old daughter.  Another high performer achieving multi-dimensional success!

Dr. Tanzi left us some great takeaways that you could run with and apply…Here are some of the highlights

  1. Find an activity that captivates you as a form of meditation
  2. Time-block activities with purpose and a strong “Why”
  3. Never let fear of failure hold you back….take calculated risks and bet on yourself
  4. Apply the “ABL” principal……”Always be Learning” and then you will never fail

Dr. Tanzi owns and operates Empire Performance PT located at 1611 Route 6, Carmel, NY 10512.  Any questions you could reach him at 845-225-2000.  You could follow Dr. Tony Tanzi on facebook and instagram.  For the aspiring endurance athlete, look him up on Strava and check out his training regime.  Quite impressive!

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