Episode 03 – From Overweight Teenager to Successful Entrepreneur – You Have Infinite Power

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This week we interview John Moljo, a high performer who owns Team Moljo Strength and Conditioning in Shrub Oak, NY, and co-founder of LAB Fitness Consultants; a personal training coaching business.  He has a true cinderella story where he started from an overweight teenager to a successful entrepreneur in the highly competitive health and fitness industry.  His story is all about drive, dedication, perseverance and a commitment to making a difference. In this interview, John shares how he created an incredible community and culture, explains how duplicatable systems are the backbone of operating any business, and how he attracted an incredible team that shares his vision.  Everyone who enters his center has an experience that keeps them motivated to train daily and inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.

John shares his values that drives himself and his team to be high performers.








John could be reached at jmoljo@teammoljo.com and or visit his website at  www.teammoljo.com and welcomes anyone to reach him to learn more Team Moljo and LAB Fitness Consultants.

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