Episode 01 – Introduction – You Have Infinite Power

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Welcome to the first ever YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast.  In this inaugural episode, co-authors of the best selling book, YOU Have Infinite Power; Master Chris Berlow and Master Paul Melella Jr. talk about what to expect in the upcoming episodes.  They dig deep into the concept of multi-dimensional success; which translates to success in multiple areas of life, not just work, not just health, not just relationships.  If you are driving a car, what would happen if you have three flat tires and one filled with air.  You would be stuck, right?  Wouldn’t be efficient, right?  Well, that is exactly what multi-dimensional success is.  All your tires are filled with air in your vehicle of life!  This is the essence of this podcast and we will rotate from different areas by interviewing people who are doing it better, doing it right and living a well balanced and fulfilling life!

In this very first episode, you will learn…

  • Who is this podcast for?
  • Why are we doing the podcast?
  • What do we want the listeners to get out of the podcast?
  • Our promises to you, the listeners.
  • Why you should stay tuned and listen to the episodes
  • It will be fun, entertaining and educational!

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes on Empowered Mastery’s “YOU Have Infinite Power Podcast”


  1. So inspiring and educational .. Thank you for sharing your heart and knowledge… I look forward to more to come..🙏🍀

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