How can you inspire your team to have total confidence?

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Most organizations and entrepreneurs start the year off by having a full day team meeting to discuss what their goals are. They most likely analyze last year’s statistics and begin to break the yearly goals into smaller quarterly or monthly goals… right? While that is all sweet and dandy, and very important to do, we also must create a culture in our organization that supports something bigger than the goals we set as a team, and attach an emotional connection to why everyone is doing what they are doing. So the question is, how can you inspire your team to have total confidence, conviction, and certainty as you finish up the first quarter?

In the previous blog posts we discussed the importance of having a Worthy Ideal for you, your company, or organization. Once that is identified and created as a team, everyone can collectively feel that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves and the goals they are achieving. While that is a huge part of the process to inspire the team into action,why doesn’t every team member take action to get the results we want within our business?

I sometimes bang my head against the wall thinking… “Why the hell doesn’t everyone just do their fricken job responsibilities and take focused action every day?”. Our program, products, service, and the experience we create for our clients is life changing. The conviction, belief, and certainty that I have in my mind, heart, and soul is so strong. When I am in the position to discuss or talk about our services, my passion and certainty overpowers anyone else’s doubt. Every action I take is one step closer to supporting those goals and is congruent with our Worthy Ideal. But why do I find that some team members are not as focused or not as inspired to take necessary action. And if they do take action, why isn’t it with total confidence or conviction? This question was consuming me and I knew we had to do something different to impact our team.


This year I wanted to drive this message home within our organization. I wanted our staff to get inspired to take action, to hit their goals, and to make a positive impact- all the while knowing that they are a part of the organization’s success. I believe what holds people back from taking that action is their thought process around either the goal or activity that should be implemented. Results cannot happen if there is no action or activity, but if someone isn’t thinking empowering or positive thoughts about what or why they are doing something, then they will never take the action. Even if they do take some sort of action, it’s going to be half-assed and not effective.

If a team member has what we call a “Paralyzing Paradigm”, or a lack of conviction about your product, service, or process- then guess what? They will not give you the results that is expected of them- PERIOD! The conviction of your team members will either be the making or breaking point for your company’s success. I want our team to have such a firmly held belief- so strong, so certain, that the conviction they have about our program is stronger than anything else. Activity and action is no longer a “should”… it is a MUST!

If someone isn’t taking action, prospecting, selling, or inspiring clients into action, then that is a reflection of that team member. That means that person isn’t sold, inspired, or persuaded on your product, service, or program. In order for you or your team to become great, you have to inspire, persuade, and sell yourself first!

I was recently coaching one of my clients over the phone and we were discussing the results of one of his recruiters for his agency. The person has an unbelievable attitude and a ton of potential, but there was a disconnect with her ability to actually convert the prospects into actual meeting interviews and hires.  I asked my client if the recruiter was ever a Financial Representative in the firm. He said no. So then I asked, “If she never had experience in that role, has she ever gone through the company’s process as a client?” He said “No”.


How the hell is she going to inspire someone to join your team and sell them on the idea of becoming a Financial Representative if she has never gone through the experience before? Her belief level and conviction isn’t high enough yet!

That’s like me trying to hire someone to open up martial arts schools for me, but they never did martial arts before, they don’t have any teaching experience, and they have never witnessed first-hand the impact our program has on people. Now don’t get me wrong, I know born salespeople that can sell manure to a horse farm. But when it comes to inspiring your team into action and activity each and every day to produce results within our business, we want our team to inspire our clients with our products, service or programs because they have experienced it for themselves, and their belief level is unwavering.

Every team member should be using or implementing your product, service, or strategies.

In our organization, if you aren’t a student in our martial arts program and haven’t gone through our process, we don’t hire you.


Here are some of the questions I asked my team, as well as other organizations that hire us to coach their teams:

  • What makes you different?
  • What makes your team or organization different?
  • What makes your experience, product or service different?
  • How is your company’s service, process, or product uncommon?

Convince and Inspire your Team!

Have your team answer these questions:

  • Why should someone go into debt to buy your product?
    • (This is a powerful question. They may not go literally go into debt, but they will find a way to make it happen because they see the value.)
  • Why should they choose your product or service over someone else’s?
  • Why should someone buy from you right NOW and not later?
  • Why should they buy your product or service for more money than a similar product or service for less money?
  • Why should they use your company instead of another?

Make your team’s conviction so high it becomes irresistible to others. Ask them questions that will stack all the emotional reasons why your product, service, and process will serve for the benefit of the good and create massive value to your client’s lives. Have them feel that they all are contributing to a higher purpose and cause. It doesn’t matter what role they have on the team, because every team member is important to the service and experience.

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Live Life to the Fullest!

Master Paul Melella Jr.

Tips from this article

  • All your employees must either have gone through your process or use your products and strategies.
  • Create a personal experience for staff so their conviction, passion and belief is so high before they go out to the marketplace to inspire others.
  • Stack and attach emotional reasons why your organization, service, process or products create massive value to your clients lives and sharing that is a MUST!

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