Do You Have the Guts to…

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…Walk up to someone you don’t know, introduce yourself and start a conversation about money?

I’m sure you would agree that most people don’t. We have this fear about talking to strangers about our business. Why? Really, I’m serious, why?

Let’s say you are at an industry function or a sales seminar at nice hotel. You have some time to kill, you’re sitting in a lobby or at the bar having a drink. You see some business people talking or someone just killing time like you.

Why not introduce yourself and start a conversation?

What’s the worst thing that can happen? They walk away? They so no thank you? They look at you strangely? Again so what? Why do you care? Are you ever going to see that person again? Are they going to tell all the people they know about this stranger who tried to ‘sell’ me something? Once again so what? We live in a huge world and are you ever going run into these people again?

I was with a good client of mine Sam from NY Life. I emailed him just to touch base, and asked if he ever was in my area, and if so why don’t we meet and he can bring his son Moishe, who is in the business as well.

We arranged a time and we met at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Suffern NY. I had no real agenda except to strengthen my relationship with Sam, get to know his son Mosihe and provide free value. I had a feeling that something might come of it. If not I definitely knew we would enjoy the time together.

Moishe is a young successful agent who has the passion and enthusiasm of youth. He was so willing to learn and was absorbing everything like a sponge. I will admit it was invigorating for me.

Towards the end of our conversation Sam noticed a well-dressed older man with a suit who was checking out of the hotel with his wife. Sam recognized the gentlemen as an extremely wealthy Real Estate entrepreneur who is well known in the community.

Sam then asked his son Moishe, ‘why don’t you walk up to him, introduce yourself and try to get an appointment’.

Mosihe hesitated and gave all the typical answers as to why he shouldn’t do it. ‘He doesn’t know me, what do I say? What happens if he gets upset?

Sam then whispered a challenged into Moishe’s ear. Moishe then got up, walked over to the man and started a conversation.

Less than two minutes later Moishe came back with a big smile on his face, proudly put the man’s card on the table for me and Sam to see. Sam then asked what happened. Moishe said “He told me to call him and promised to give me an appointment.”

I asked Moishe what he said to the wealthy gentlemen. Moshe answered simply, I told him I would love the opportunity to sit down and talk to you about how I have provided financial value to other wealthy entrepreneurs like yourself.

That was all it took.

Now will Moishe actually get an appointment when he calls? Hopefully. Will something come of it? Who knows? But the point is he did what most others would never do, go up to strangers, especially wealthy ones and start a conversation.

Do you have the guts to do the same?

P.S. Oh yes Sam, Moishe and his brother also new in the business, enrolled in our Best of the Best Event on 3/31. So good things do happen when you just touch base with your clients.


  1. This is great stuff Rick…How quickly many forget that all of our friends right now were once strangers…Keep em comin!

  2. I always try to ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” When it comes to introducing myself but it’s amazing how helpful it still is to read reminders like this post.


  3. Hey Rick. glad you put this story on your blog, I hope what I did will have an impact on other financial professionals. Never underestimate your capabilities. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone.

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