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The industry of Sales and Sales coaching has not changed in over 50 years!

Yes, while every other industry has changed with the times, Sales and Sales Coaching is stuck seemingly in the stone ages.

The internet is full of Sales Coaches who promise and guarantee results. Companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars year after year after year hoping to improve their sales teams’ production. Yet if this is true.

Why do 7 out of 10 salespeople fail in their first 3 years?

Why are the majority of Salespeople Status Quo?

Most Sales Coaching focus on sales techniques and strategies. Those are outside tools. No matter how good the Sales Training or coaching, it won’t work unless the salespeople they train feel good about themselves first.

Notice this definition of Sales Coaching: "Sales coaching is an ongoing and dynamic series of job-embedded interactions between a sales manager and sales rep, designed to diagnose and correct/reinforce behaviors, specific to that individual.”

The key words are ‘behavior specific to that individual’. How good are you going to perform at work if you have outside factors negatively affecting how you think, feel and act? How affective would any sales coaching be if you are always stressed and feeling miserable?

Sales Coaching

It’s like going to a doctor when you’re not feeling well. They examine, diagnose and prescribe based upon your physical symptoms, but rarely treat the cause.

At Empowered Mastery we start with the cause. We start with YOU first. Through our ground-breaking TRANSFORMATION Doctrine™ based upon our best-selling book YOU Have Infinite Power, we help you look introspectively like you’ve never done before to find out why you are the way you are and where you REALLY want to go.

We help Salespeople eliminate all that personal baggage that has prevented them from getting the RESULTS they truly want and DESERVE.

Sales Coaching

At Empowered Mastery we EMPOWER rather than motivate, and TRANSFORM rather than train.

Just imagine, dramatically increasing your production, improving results in ALL Areas of your Life and enjoying life all at once?


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